Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cultural exhibit

Cultural Exhibit
I researched the Historic New England cultural exhibit online. I became interested in this website after touring several historical exhibits in Boston, MA this summer. The collection of Historic New England is the largest gathering of New England artifacts in the country consisting of everything from soap to masterpieces. The exhibit’s founder considered even the ordinary, the mundane, and the trivial worthy of preserving. The history of early American settlers interests me because it shows how far Americans have come since the day this land was first discovered. This exhibit shows how far our culture has evolved because it holds many early necessities that are no longer used. It is neat to see the things that were once part of everyday life that I did not expect to be so commonly used.
The Historic New England heritage committee has places to visit in five states and even offers their beautiful sites in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine for special events. I rent a historic home in downtown Hattiesburg, so these houses and other historical places are of great interest to me. While touring the website, I realized this cite could be used to ask questions concerning antique wallpaper. I found out that my wallpaper is a copy of the original wallpaper that was placed in the house in 1908. The Historic New England’s cultural exhibit and its fascinating collections can be found at http://www.historicnewengland.org/index.htm.

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